DTF Transfers Now, the Best DTF Heat Transfers Print Shop Miami

DTF Transfers Now, the Best DTF Heat Transfers Print Shop Miami

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Discover why DTF Transfers Now is the best DTF Miami Print Shop, more than 21 years of experience on the prinitng industry, we will make what you deserve!

What are DTF Prints?

Direct-to-film transfers (DTF) are a relatively new printing technique that has gained popularity in the world of custom apparel. DTF prints allow complicated designs to be transferred into almost any fabric and create long-lasting prints.

The process is simple: create a design and print it onto a special PET Film using a special DTF printer. Once printed, an adhesive powder is applied and melted to create a strong bond between the ink and the fabric. Finally, the design is heat-pressed into the desired garment to create that customized garment!

Advantages of DTF Transfers

One of the main advantages of direct-to-film transfers is their versatility. They can be applied to almost any type of fabric, standing them out from other printing methods. Also, custom transfers are possible, so you can create whatever you want to meet your projects.

High-quality DTF transfers can be expected during the printing process. DTF Transfers stand for the print quality they offer. DTF printing has become the go-to option for many small businesses.

Ordering DTF transfers has never been easier!  At DTF Transfers Now, we believe that easiness is a good friend of your project; ordering gang sheets is your best option as you can incorporate as many designs as they fit; this will make your production costs go down while your production time will be faster.

Summing it all up, DTF Transfers offer tailored solutions for those customizable garments, easy to print, vibrant colors, quality transfers and easy application!

Pressing Process

In order to get durable prints, the pressing process is a vital step, please take a look at the following step-by-step guide to get that amazing quality for your DTF Transfers:

Once you get your gang sheet, the designs are ready to be pressed, so please make sure your heat press is set to the correct temperature, you can check the temperature with a heat gun. For detailed information on quantities, please refer to our post on how to heat press DTF Transfers.

Now that we are all set, it is time to press! 

- Prepare your heat press at 300 Fahrenheit Degrees.

- Make sure your garment is free of wrinkles. If necessary, you can pre press it to get a flat surface.

- Cut and prepare your design; make sure to center it before you press it.

- Heat press it for 10 seconds. Please make ensure high pressure at 60 psi. If you see medium pressure is being applied, you can use a pillow press.

- Let it cool completely and remove the pet film.

- Next step is repress, if you wish a gloss result, please repress it with a teflon sheet for another 10 seconds. On the contrary, if you need a matte result, please repress it with a parchment paper.

Best Option for DTF Miami

DTF Transfers Now is definitely your best option for DTF Transfers, outstanding in the market for more than 6 years, and 21 years of experience in the printing industry! But not only that, our company was one of the first to have a DTF Printing machine, making us perfectly trained on DTF Transfers. Also, our company offer you the best quality dtf transfers with exceptional durability ensuring your prints withstand multiple washes! Our dedicated team will guide you during the whole process. We have quick turnaround time and excellent service Ask for our services including but not limited to same day printing for rush orders and great customer service! Also, for those businesses out there, we have bulk pricing, please contact us for more information. We are the best for bulk orders! Remember that all of our orders ship from our office in Miami.

We offer several other products, such as UV DTF Transfers, Hot Peel DTF Transfers, Fluorescent DTF Transfers, DTF Transfers by size, and DTF Transfers ready to press! We know in the world of direct to film transfers, there is no rest, so we have innovated for you!

Our DTF Transfers are well-known for the quality we offer, we try our best to get them out in 1-2 business day, but in order to maintain the quality and vibrant colors, we dedicate time to each order, that way, we can ensure and offer professional results.

Something wrong with your order? Do not worry! Let us know and we will replace it immediately, no questions asked!

Send us your artwork and we will guide you into the world of DTF transfers. Remember, we offer great durability!

Not sure how to order?

Select the gang sheet size of your choice and needs. All of our gang sheets are available for you 24/7.

Checkout, if you need rush orders, please add the product add-on before checking out.

Once your order is placed, it is time to upload your artwork. We prioritize the following file types: PNG, PSD, AI.

To upload your artwork you can use our uploader, or send it here, or email it at info@dtftransfersnow.com

All done! Once sent we will take care of it and process your artwork to get your transfer. We will do our best to get you a quick turnaround!

DTF Transfers for Logos and Designs

We know DTF Transfers are a life saver when it comes to customizing any garment, but does it work for your logos and designs?

The answer is easy, yes! DTF Transfer will help you to create and heat press small logos that other printing traditional methods may not such as screen printing. The quality of DTF Transfers Now will ensure that every part of your transfer gets bonded with the transfer film, enhancing efficiency at the moment of transferring it.

Now, let's talk about wholesale DTF transfers, when talking about them, we make sure this is the best option for printing process of your designs and logos, just think about it, if you are making chest logos, you can put as many as you want and that translated to production will save you thousands of dollars! There is the importance of gang sheets! Buying wholesale DTF Transfers looks now better option than any other. Let direct to film transfers be your option for your creative projects and custom transfers.

DTF Transfers for Clothing and Apparel

Ordering DTF Transfers for clothing and Apparel is the most popular usage of DTF Transfers, with full color graphics, dtf direct to film transfers stand out as it can print intricate patterns with new techniques just as halftones and can be transferred to various materials and fabric types. 

With DTF Transfers, you will deliver excellent quality dtf transfers made products that will surprise your customers or family, whoever you are making your your garments for!

Not only promotional items can be done, but also t-shirts; it all depends on your creative projects and creative vision! 


In conclusion, DTF Transfers are the best option for you or your business, order your gang sheet now and let your creative visions fly. At DTF Transfers Now we would love for you to be your DTF Transfer supplier, remember we offer great customer service and we are the best in the world of dtf printing!

Get your gang sheet now at DTF Transfers Now!


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