How to Make DTF Transfers at Home?

How to Make DTF Transfers at Home?

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If you ever wondered how to make DTF Transfers at home you are in the right place! Come with us and dive into the beautiful world of DTF Transfers, at home!

With the growth of DTF Transfers, the idea of starting your own business or making your own custom apparel does not seem too far from reality, compared to 3 or 4 years ago when the only option was to call for the service of a well-based company that specialized on these kinds of prints, nowadays, DTF Technology has evolved in a way that it is now possible to have your own equipment either for your business or if you only want to make your own custom apparel for your or your family!

What are DTF Transfers?

DTF transfers, or Direct-to-Film transfers, are a technique used in the garment printing industry to transfer designs onto fabric. This process begins with printing the desired design onto a special film using a DTF printer, which uses specific ink suitable for fabric printing. After printing, a powder adhesive is applied to the printed side of the film, which is essential for ensuring the ink adheres properly to the fabric. The film is then heated or cured to melt the adhesive without damaging the design. The transfer process involves placing the film onto the fabric and applying heat and pressure with a heat press, which transfers the design from the film to the fabric.

Advantages of DTF Transfers:

- Cost-effective: when it comes to businesses, DTF Transfers are cost-effective, gaining advantage from gang sheets, you can maximize the transfers’ cost.

- Durability: DTF Transfers are tough themselves, they can last for long periods of times and even more if proper care is taken.

- High-quality prints: DTF Transfers stand for the great quality they possess, home-made transfers can also get this quality.

- Versatility in fabric: DTF Transfers can be used in various types of fabrics

- Rapid Turnaround: DTF transfers can be printed quick compared to other methods, if you need even more rapidness, you can check out our same day printing service!

Now that you know more about DTF Transfers, let’s dive more into the essentials for you to create your own DTF Transfers at home:

- Design Software: you need a design software, whether to create your own designs or to size them according to your needs, a design software is a must when doing DTF Transfers.

- DTF Printer: there are many DTF printers to choose from, your decision will rely on your intention, bigger productions will require bigger and stronger printers, and smaller or personal productions will require less printing power. Keep in mind that you have to keep a relation between cost and quality.

- DTF Ink: a special DTF ink is required, make sure to use high-quality ink.

                                         dtf black ink

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- DTF Film: a special DTF film is required, this is where the ink will be printed and this is the sheet that will be transferred to the garment. Now, it is possible to use hot peel DTF film for faster production times!

                       dtf film

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- DTF Adhesive Powder: this adhesive powder will ensure the ink is properly stuck into the film.

                       ADHESIVE POWDER

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- Heat Press Machine: choosing a heat press machine is a fundamental step in your project, there are a lot of options to choose from, just make sure the machine’s traits excel in temperature and pressure which are the most important factors when heat pressing DTF Transfers.

- Teflon sheets or Parchment paper: Teflon sheets will give your transfers a gloss finish when repressing, and parchment paper will give you a matte finish after repressing.

Step 1: Create your Design

Our first step would be creating your design, you can choose how to do it yours, let your imagination flow, and have fun designing your prints. If you need predesigned elements, you can opt for a software just as Canva which has millions of them..

create your own designs

Step 2: Print your Design

Whether you print your single design or a gang sheet, take the most out of your printer in every single project! Make sure to follow your printer instructions and software instructions to print your own DTF prints.

Step 3: Press your Design

Once the DTF Transfer is printed, it is time to press it into the garment you will be putting it in. Depending on the material the transfer will be transferred to, apply the instructions to press, make sure to visit our blog post on how to heat press DTF Transfers or how to apply DTF Transfers on different materials for more specific instructions on your specific material.

Once your design has completely cooled down, it is time to peel the film off. If you purchased our Hot Peel Film, feel free to peel it as soon as you are done pressing.

The final step in pressing your design will be repressing it for another 10 seconds with a parchment or Teflon sheet.

As you can see, making DTF Transfers at home can be a really fun task, which is why some important notes should be mentioned: 

- DTF Transfers have not been tested to be applied with home appliances such as irons

- The cost would be considerable if you are making DTF Transfers as a hobby.

- Choose wisely in your equipment so you can gradually grow your business.

DTF transfers are a perfect option when investing in a business, take your time and make wise decisions until you find the correct equipment and team, at DTF Transfers Now we will always be here to help you, meanwhile, come check out all the products we offer and check out our most recent product: our Hot Peel DTF Film! Let us be your DTF provider so you can start creating and selling those great ideas. We have lots of tools for you to make the less work possible!


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