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Get the best quality DTF Transfers & UV-DTF Transfers! Our Direct to Film Transfers are ready to press on different materials and products. Easy to apply and with long-lasting durability. There are no limits to what you can print with us, we transform your ideas and make them a reality.

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DTF Gang Sheets

Send us your DTF Gang sheet and we will print all your designs as transfers ready to heat press! We offer a variety of Gang Sheet sizes so you can fit all the prints you need, optimizing resources and time.

Our team can help you gang your designs on a gang sheet. Contact us today to get the highest quality DTF transfers on the market.


DTF Printing Services

With our DTF printing services, you will receive your prints with full vibrant colors, high details, and great long lasting durability. At DTF Transfers Now, we use the best quality films and ink to give you final results that will exceed your expectations.DTF transfers are ready to press onto various materials for quick and easy applications without the hassle of vinyl weeding or screen printing setups.




Why should you print with DTF Transfers Now?

With our DTF printing services, you will receive your prints with full vibrant colors, high details, and great long lasting durability. At DTF Transfers Now, we use the best quality films and ink to give you final results that will exceed your expectations.

We are one of the best options on the market as we stay up to date in DTF printing trends utilizing all the latest technology! Our commercial printers let us offer you professional results for your needs.


customer service

Detailed DTF transfers

We have a dedicated team processing your DTF transfer orders. If you don’t know where to start and want to get your t-shirt printing business started, be sure and contact us today and we will gladly walk you through the whole process!

dtf colorful

DTF Colorful

Worried about limiting the number of colors in your design? With DTF Transfers, the number of colors you can print on a design are endless! Your images will be sure to stand out with vivid colors and able to be applied on the majority of materials and fabrics.

all types of design

All types of designs

From simple designs to the most detailed ones, with DTF transfers you can print any design you require. Not only will they have the best detailed and color results but will also last longer than other printing methods.


FAQs about DTF Transfers

Where can you apply your DTF Transfers?

A benefit of DTF transfers is that they can be applied to a variety of surfaces and clothing, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, jackets, and any apparel product whether the material is cotton, polyester, a combination of both, or even denim. It can also be printed on canvas, caps and other accessories.

Additionally, DTF transfers are used to create promotional items such as tote bags, mouse pads, notepads and much more. There’s no limit to your designs, we have the printing services you were looking for.

How durable are DTF Transfers?

Due to the cutting-edge technology of DTF transfers, the results are known for their exceptional durability, making them a reliable and long-lasting option for apparel decoration and other printing applications. With a high wash resistance, you can be sure that your design will retain its original brilliance.

Can DTF Transfers be used on dark-colored fabrics?

One of the advantages of DTF transfers is their versatility which allows them to be effective either on light-colored or dark-colored fabrics. Gone are the days of sublimation transfers and vinyl weeding!

Are DTF Transfers waterproof?

Although DTF transfers are water resistant, this does not mean that they can stay intact if they have unusual and prolonged contact with water apart from normal washing procedures. It is also important to note that the durability of DTF transfers and its resistance will depend on the quality of the transfer film and ink, as well as the heat press application process that needs high pressure to adhere to a garment or surface.

Prolonged and excessive exposure to water may cause the DTF transfer to degrade over time.

Can different designs be printed as DTF Transfers?

The versatility of designs is one of the advantages of DTF Transfers. You can print whatever you have in mind as well as all the designs you would like thanks to our service of DTF Gang sheets. Our team can help you organize and customize your images so they can fit perfectly in the size of the sheet of your choice.

It also lets you complete several orders at the same time, which results in efficient time management and resource optimization without compromising a personalized and unique product.

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