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    Now offering DTF Fluorescent Transfers! Get those backlight reactive transfers and give your garments a special touch with these great transfers!

    DTF Fluorescent Transfers are sold by gang sheet, make the most out of it!

    Cold Peel DTF Transfer Film

    Instantly enhance your designs with our budget-friendly DTF transfers. Explore bulk options for cheap and high-quality results.

    Turnaround time: 2-4 business days.

    All orders get charged a UPS ground shipping flat rate no matter the size of the order. 

    After ordering, please UPLOAD YOUR ARTWORK Click Here --->  upload artwork button or email us at Info@dtftransfersnow.com

    IMPORTANT: Fluorescent UV/Blacklight transfers cannot be color-matched as the printers will automatically alter colors when printing. Colors will be altered.

    Transfers Size: 12 x 22" inches

    Direct-to-film fluorescent Transfers are specialty neon transfers made with fluorescent inks for use on garments such as cotton, polyester, or blends. The transfers are printed on DTF printers loaded with specialty fluorescent inks. Fluorescent inks, which glow under UV light, are more vibrant than regular inks and cause show-stopping effects!

    The process begins with a DTF printer that is formatted to be filled with fluorescent ink and printed with the design onto a clear PET film. Once the design is printed, a powder adhesive is applied to the wet ink on the film, covering the entire design. The film with the ink and powder adhesive is then cured through a heat process, melting and drying the ink and powder to solidify the transfer. Once the transfer comes out of the heating process, it is ready to heat press onto the fabric of your choice!

    Fluorescent heat transfers are widely used to produce attention-grabbing patterns on garments and various fabrics in fashion athletic wear and promotional products that benefit from bold colors. This new technique is favored for its ability to deliver top-notch prints on a range of fabric textures without the need to modify the printing process for each material. Stand out from the crowd and try them out today!

    IMPORTANT: Neon Fluorescent UV/Blacklight transfers cannot be color-matched as the printers will automatically alter colors when printing to give the effect. The most reactive colors are magenta and yellow. This means if you really want your designs to glow, use these colors! If your design colors have a large amount of black or cyan in them, they will tend to glow less. Before committing to a large purchase, please purchase a small sheet to run a test and make sure you are satisfied with the color result!

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    What Are DTF Transfers?

    DTF transfers, or Direct-to-Film transfers, are a type of printing method used to create vibrant and detailed designs for various surfaces, especially textiles. In the DTF process, designs are printed onto a transfer film using specialized DTF inks and then transferred onto the desired substrate using heat and pressure. The transfer film acts as a carrier for the ink, allowing it to adhere to the surface when heat is applied. This method offers versatility in customization, as DTF transfers can be applied to different materials like cotton, polyester, blends, leather, denim, nylon, and more. DTF transfers provide high-resolution prints with excellent color vibrancy and detail. They are commonly used in apparel customization, promotional items, signage, and other applications where durable and visually striking designs are desired.

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