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    Hot Peel DTF Transfer Film 

    Discover our wholesale custom hot peel DTF gang Sheet, perfect for large-scale printing needs. These transfers are custom-made, providing unique, vibrant, and long-lasting impressions. Ideal for businesses looking for a wholesale solution, our custom gang sheets are designed for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Take advantage of our competitive wholesale pricing and expertise to provide superior, scalable heat transfer solutions. Partner with us for wholesale custom DTF needs and advance your printing services!

    Need Regular Cold Peel DTF Transfers?

    All orders are charged a UPS ground shipping flat rate regardless of size. You can take advantage of this by ordering larger quantities.

    After ordering, please UPLOAD YOUR ARTWORK: 

    Note: Same Day Shipping does not apply 

    Processing Time: 1-3 Days

    Transfers Size: 12 x 22" inches

    Hot Peel DTF Transfers

    *Important Note: There is a color difference between hot peel DTF transfers and traditional cold peel DTF transfers. If you have ordered the artwork in the past with cold peel and need the colors to match and stay consistent, please stick with the cold peel. If you are okay with a slight variation in color tone, please try a small 22x12-inch sheet first as a test before committing to a larger order.

    Pros of Hot Peel DTF Transfers:

    Material Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of fabrics including cotton, polyester, blends, and more, ensuring versatility in application.

    Ease of Use: It is simple to apply with a heat press, making it user-friendly for professionals and hobbyists.

    Quick Production: They can be peeled off immediately after the heat press, speeding up the production process and allowing you to repress the second time immediately.

    Efficiency: Hot peel transfers reduce workflow time, making them great for large-scale operations.

    High Gloss Finish: Hot peel DTF transfers leave a shiny, vibrant finish that makes designs pop and enhances the visual appeal of the printed design in contrast to cold peel transfers.

    Cons of Hot Peel DTF Transfers:

    Color Difference: There is a difference in color from the traditional cold peel transfers. If you have ordered the artwork in the past with traditional cold peel and need the colors to match, please stick to the cold peel. If you are okay with a slight variation in color tone, then try out a small hot peel first before committing to a larger order.

    Finish: If you are looking for a matte design, it is best to stick with cold peel, as cold peel DTF transfers leave designs with less gloss.

    Product Details

    Experience the pinnacle of professional quality with DTF Transfers Now – your go-to source for exceptional custom DTF (Direct to Film) transfers. As a trailblazer in the industry, we empower businesses, entrepreneurs , and brands of all sizes to effortlessly print any design onto a diverse range of products. Our premium DTF transfers redefine creative boundaries, offering unmatched flexibility to print everything from pristine bright whites to dynamic solids, smooth gradients, and intricate fine lines. Step into a new era of printing excellence with DTF Transfers Now.

    Design Format

    We prioritize vectorized art for optimal printing results. Please ensure it has a Minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).

    We recommend providing your artwork in preferred file formats such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), and PDF (Portable Document Format).

    To streamline the process and ensure compatibility, we recommend providing your artwork in preferred file formats such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), and PDF (Portable Document Format). These file types are widely supported and offer excellent compatibility with our printing systems. Files should be in RGB format. Do not send artwork mirrored.

    How Do I Upload My Design?

    After your purchase, click here to upload your gang sheet artwork Click here for link -->>: Upload Gang Sheet

    or Email:

    Pressing Instructions

    To press your design using DTF transfers, follow these general pressing instructions:

    Ensure your garment or surface is clean, dry, and free from any wrinkles or debris. Pre-press garments to release moisture.

    Set the Heat Press: to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Press for 10 seconds with high pressure (60 PSI). Pressure is one of the most important factors in successfully adhering your transfers to your garment.

    Let the garment completely cool down. Once cooled down, carefully peel off the transfer film starting at a corner.

    Repress another 10 seconds to seal in your design with a Teflon sheet on top as protection.

    The second press seals in your design.

    Shipping and returns

    All orders ship out within 1-3 business days. Orders can be picked up at our Miami office at no cost.

    Same-day printing services are available at an additional cost. Same-day printing cut-off time 10 am EST to be shipped with shipping method chosen at checkout time.

    Read our Shipping Policy for more information.

    Refunds and Reprints

    We do not offer refunds after an order is placed. If incorrect artwork or changes to artwork are desired, please contact us and if the order is not yet printed, we are able to swap your artwork. It is the client’s responsibility to submit vectorized artwork for high-quality prints and to check artwork for any overlapping logos, logos that are cut off, etc. We do not offer refunds after an order is printed. If any issues related to printer errors; we are happy to replace them.

    What Is A Gang Sheet?

    A gang sheet in the context of DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing refers to a large sheet of transfer film that contains multiple designs or images arranged together. Instead of printing individual designs separately, a gang sheet allows multiple designs to be printed simultaneously on a single sheet, optimizing printing efficiency and reducing material waste.

    DTF transfer gang sheets are commonly used in DTF printing processes, where the designs are printed onto the transfer film, and then transferred onto garments or other substrates using a heat press. By arranging multiple designs on a single sheet, businesses can maximize productivity, reduce production time, and achieve cost savings in the printing process.

    What Are The Benefits Of DTF Transfers?

    DTF transfers, or Direct-to-Film transfers, offer several benefits in the realm of printing and customization:

    Vibrant and Detailed Prints: DTF transfers produce vibrant, high-resolution prints with excellent color saturation and detail. They allow for intricate designs and complex patterns, capturing even the smallest details with precision. Versatility.

    DTF transfers can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including fabrics, garments, and accessories. This versatility enables businesses to offer custom prints on various products and expand their product offerings. Durability

    DTF transfers are known for their durability and longevity. The prints exhibit excellent washability, fade resistance, and resistance to cracking or peeling, ensuring that the designs remain vibrant and intact even after repeated use and washing. Soft and Flexible Prints: DTF transfers provide a soft and flexible feel on fabrics and garments. The prints seamlessly integrate with the material, resulting in a comfortable and natural feel when worn or touched. This makes them ideal for apparel decoration, including t-shirts, hoodies, or sportswear.

    How Do I Make A Gang Sheet?

    You can create a gang sheet on any design program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or even

    A gang sheet is a document sized 22 inches wide by X in length and needs to be saved as a PNG, PDF, AI, or PSD.

    Determine the size of the sheet you need to create. Make sure the document is set at 300 dpi resolution and RGB color mode.

    • The width of the document will always be 22 inches and the length will depend on how many logos/designs you need at the moment.
    • Upload your images to the design software program you are using. Vector images are strongly recommended for best-quality printing results.
    • Size each individual image or logo to the size width or height you need. Duplicate each image the number of times needed.
    • Save your gang sheet as a PNG file with a transparent background.

    Canva is a popular design software program that can be used to create gang sheets in substitution of traditional design programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

    In Canva, you can create a new design with the appropriate dimensions in inches and upload your images to arrange them within a box.

    Once you have arranged your images, you can save your gang sheet as a PNG file with a transparent background, making sure you select size at a value of "3". You can also download the sheet as a PDF print.

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    How does Gang Printing benefit businesses?

    Gang printing, especially in DTF transfers, offers business significant advantages. It enables the printing of multiple designs in a single run, saving time and resources. Consolidating designs on one sheet, it minimizes material wastage and optimizes the production process, making it an economical choice for bulk printing needs.

    Why Choose Gang Sheet Transfers from DTF Transfers Now?

    DTF Transfers Now stands out for its competitive pricing, superb customer service, and high-quality gang sheet transfers. Our focus on precision and detail ensures vibrant and durable prints, meeting diverse printing needs. We offer cost-effective solutions for those seeking efficient gang printing services without compromising on quality.

    How can Gang sheet transfers streamline my printing process?

    By utilizing Gang Sheet Transfers, you can streamline your printing process significantly. It handles multiple designs, reducing setup time and increasing overall efficiency. Ganging your artwork enhances productivity by allowing simultaneous printing of various designs in a single batch, catering to diverse client demands effectively. This allows you to submit artwork for various projects at once.

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