Custom DTF Transfers Wholesale Gang Sheet 72" x 22"


    72" height  x 22 wide" Gang Sheet.

    Cold Peel DTF Transfer Film

    Looking to optimize your DTF transfer business and offer unparalleled customization options? Our Gang Sheet is the answer. What is a Gang Sheet, you ask? It's an innovative tool that enables you to print multiple designs on a single sheet, allowing for efficient production and minimized material usage. By accessing Gang Sheets located conveniently near you, you can elevate your DTF transfer projects to new heights.

    All orders get charged a UPS ground shipping flat rate no matter the size of the order. 

    After ordering please UPLOAD YOUR ARTWORK Click Here -->: upload artwork button Or email us at info@dtftransfersnow.com

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    Are DTF Transfers good?

    Yes, DTF Transfers are the perfect option for customizing any garment wanted!

    What are DTF Transfer Sheets

    DTF Transfers Gang Sheet refers to a whole printing sheet where you can upload as many designs as they fit, this DTF Gang Sheets can help you save money in production. We offer you a completely free DTF Gang Sheet Builder

    Product Details

    Our premium DTF transfers and Gang Sheets provide unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to print everything from crisp, bright whites to vibrant solids, smooth gradients, and precise fine lines on various products. Seamlessly fit multiple designs onto a single sheet for efficient bulk production or experimenting with different designs. All you need is a heat press. Embrace a new era of printing excellence and buy now!

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We are proud of our products and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our DTF transfers. If you encounter any issues with your order, let us know, and we’ll promptly replace them free of charge.

    Pressing Instructions

    To apply your design with DTF transfers, follow these instructions:

    Ensure your garment or surface is clean, dry, and free from any wrinkles or debris. Pre-press garments to release moisture.

    Heat your press to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Press for 10 seconds with high pressure (60 PSI)—pressure is crucial for a successful transfer.

    Allow the garment to cool completely, then carefully peel off the transfer film starting from a corner.

    Repress for another 10 seconds with a Teflon sheet on top for protection.

    This second press helps to seal your design permanently.

    Artwork Upload Recommendations

    We accept PSD and AI file types but prefer PNG. Please ensure all files are vectorized and have a high resolution of 300 DPI or higher.

    How to upload your artwork

    After your purchase, a window will show up to upload your artwork. If you prefer to send it after, you can upload your gang sheet to the following icon upload artwork button or Email: info@dtftransfersnow.com. Please include your order reference code when sending your artwork.

    Shipping and returns

    We ship all orders within 1-3 business days, and you can pick them up for free at our Miami office.

    Need it faster? Opt for our same-day printing service by 10 a.m. EST; for an additional cost, we'll have it ready for pickup or shipping by the end of the day. Check out our Shipping Policy for more details.

    Refunds and Reprints: We do not offer refunds once an order is placed. If you need to change your artwork and we haven't printed your order yet, contact us to swap your artwork. It's your responsibility to ensure your artwork is vectorized and correctly formatted for high-quality prints. While we don't refund printed orders, we will replace any orders with printer errors.

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