DTF Transfers Durability

DTF Transfers Durability

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Get to know DTF Transfers durability: enduring strength: vibrant, lasting prints resistant to wear, perfect for quality and durable results!

Direct to film transfers are now known for their unparalleled durability making a statement in the transfer printing industry. The world of textile and garment decoration has been revolutionized by these transfers, which by employing innovative techniques and quality materials can guarantee resilience to diverse environments leading them to maintain exceptional quality. As you can see, DTF standards have been transformed to a system where innovation should meet endurance and expectations of a new printing technology.

What are DTF Transfers made of?

An important thing to know is what a DTF transfer is made of? This will help in understanding why different factors can affect the durability of your transfers. First of all there are different types of inks that can be used in DTF transfers, including a UV-cured ink specially created for UV Stickers. Curing powder is an adhesive powder used in the process of printing DTF transfers, which is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), but mostly known as “Transfers Powder”. Now that you know the material used, let’s dive more into the durability of DTF prints.

How durable is DTF Printing?

While DTF transfers are durable themselves, longevity will heavily rely on proper care and maintenance. But, how long do DTF transfers last? Maintaining a proper care will make them last for around 50–70 washes Even though they are naturally robust, DTF prints durability can be affected by how well or not they are treated and handled. Following the washing instructions of the garment the transfer was pressed on and gentle cycles can help preserve the integrity of your transfers. On the other hand, excessive heat during drying, applying harsh chemicals, such as bleach, and vigorous scrubbing will contribute to the lifespan of your DTF prints. As you can see, DTF prints’ durability is not solely related to the quality of ink or printer, but really relies on the conscious care of the user. We suggest checking our blog post on how to apply DTF transfers on different garments to avoid any problem while transferring.

UV DTF Durability

UV Stickers were designed to resist even more tough environments including outside uses, the process for these prints involves a UV-cured ink which is really durable and made to resist fading, scratching, and moisture. In addition, UV-cured DTF ink has a better resistance to sunlight without losing its color, this way it maintains the vibrancy it was printed with. However; you have to keep in mind that long and harsh exposure to extreme environments will eventually affect the durability of your transfers. The prolongation of the UV Stickers lifetime will also depend on the user’s care and handling as well. The transfer process also plays a vital role in UV DTF lifetime, you can check our posts and tutorials on how to transfer UV Stickers.

Factors that can affect your transfers lifetime:

- Pressing process was incorrect.

- Post-pressing treatment was eluded.

- Material of garment was not prepared correctly: some materials may require a previous preparation before pressing your transfers.

- Environmental factors: high exposure to extreme environments may affect the durability of your DTF transfers.

- Failure to follow washing instructions from the manufacturer.

Importance of Using a Quality DTF Ink

The importance of using a good DTF ink is really high as it will result in those vibrant colors you need and also will resist those tough conditions the garment may be exposed to. Using a good ink will ensure longevity, color accuracy, resistance, and most importantly, customer satisfaction, which we know is the most important step in succeeding in a business.

DTF vs DTG Durability

While both methods can offer durable transfers, DTF is preferred by people in the printing industry as it can offer greater resistance against fading, washing, and some environmental factors. Rather than DTG, DTF is also chosen for its robustness across different fabrics. 

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The Future is Here with DTF Transfers!

Along with what we discussed in this blog about DTF durability, it is not a secret that the printing industry has revolutionized and DTF printing is nowadays the best printing process you can go with. Let the vibrancy of DTF transfers to come into your favorite garments while getting an eco friendly approach. Among the benefits of DTF transfers, you can have a really good foresight for your business. Here at DTF Transfers Now, we will make sure you get the quality you deserve, go to our website and check our variety of products!


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