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    Ultra quality Pigment White ink for DTF printer


    Introducing our Ultra High Quality Pigment ink for DTF printers - specifically designed for those who demand the very best in their prints. Our water-based DTF inks are perfect for use with Epson-based printers and printheads, delivering stunningly vibrant colors and crisp, clear details that are sure to impress.


    It's important to note that our DTF inks are different from traditional DTG inks and require the use of DTF Film for transfers. Additionally, our white ink must be gently rolled or shaken daily to prevent pigment separation and ensure consistent performance.


    Whether you're a professional printer looking to take your output to the next level, or looking to create high-quality transfers , our Ultra High Quality Pigment ink for DTF printers is the perfect choice for all your printing needs.

    1L- White

    NOTE: These are different than DTG inks and need to be printed on the DTF Film for transfers

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