Bundle Of 4 High Quality CMYK Ink For DTF Printer | Wholesale

    Bundle Of 4 High Quality CMYK Ink For DTF Printer | Wholesale


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    Experience the exceptional world of printing with DTF Transfers Now's Premium DTF Ink - a true testament to unparalleled quality and vibrant DTF transfers.

    Immerse yourself in the brilliance of colors, as our Premium DTF Ink boasts remarkable color accuracy and rich pigmentation, ensuring your designs exude captivating vibrancy. Bid farewell to lackluster prints and embrace the unmatched brilliance that our ink brings to your DTF transfer projects.


    Product Details

    Introducing our revolutionary UV DTF Inks - the game-changer in the world of textile printing! Our UV DTF (Direct to Film) Inks are engineered to elevate your printing capabilities to new heights, offering unmatched quality, efficiency, and versatility for all your textile printing needs.

    Key Features:

    Superior Vibrancy and Color Accuracy: Our UV DTF Inks deliver stunning, vibrant colors with exceptional precision. Whether you're printing intricate designs or bold graphics, our inks ensure every detail pops, creating eye-catching, high-definition prints that leave a lasting impression.

    Quick Curing with UV Technology: Thanks to the power of UV technology, our inks cure rapidly, drastically reducing production time. This allows for faster turnaround times, increased productivity, and an overall more efficient printing process.

    Compatibility with a Range of Fabrics: Our UV DTF Inks are formulated to be highly versatile, working flawlessly on a wide array of textiles. From cotton and polyester to blends and specialty fabrics, our inks adhere perfectly, ensuring consistent results across various


    Excellent Wash and Scratch Resistance: Our UV DTF Inks have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand regular washing and everyday wear without fading or scratching. Your prints will maintain their brilliance and integrity, even after multiple wash cycles.

    Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: We are committed to environmental responsibility. Our UV DTF Inks are low VOC (volatile organic compound) and free from harmful substances, making them a safe and eco-conscious choice for both your business and the planet.

    Seamless Integration with UV DTF Printers: Designed to complement each other, our UV DTF Inks seamlessly integrate with UV DTF printers. This compatibility ensures optimal performance, allowing you to maximize the potential of both the ink and the printer.

    Ideal for Customization and Personalization: With our UV DTF Inks, you can cater to your customers' unique demands easily. From one-of-a-kind designs to personalized merchandise, these inks enable you to offer custom textile printing solutions that stand out in a crowded market.

    Revolutionize your textile printing business with our UV DTF Inks. Whether you're a small shop or a large-scale production facility, our inks will take your capabilities to the next level. Experience the future of textile printing with us - exceptional quality, efficient production, and limitless creative possibilities await!

    Design Format

    We prioritize the use of vector art whenever possible for optimal printing results. However, if you're using raster art, please ensure it has a Minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).

    To streamline the process and ensure compatibility, we recommend providing your artwork in preferred file formats such as AI (Adobe Illustrator), PNG (Portable Network Graphics), and PDF (Portable Document Format). These file types are widely supported and offer excellent compatibility with our printing systems.

    Shipping Information

    We strive to provide fast order processing and shipping for your convenience. The majority of orders are typically shipped in 1-2 business days If you require expedited delivery, we offer various shipping options that you can select during the checkout process. This allows you to choose the shipping method that best fits your timeframe and requirements. 

    Note: If you need same day shipping DTFTransfersnow offers same day shipping on orders Monday-Friday. The Cutoff to make an order is 10 a.m Est. if you wish to qualify for our same day shipping service. All orders with same day shipping have an additional cost of 50$ USD. 

    Delivery Charges: The cost of delivery will depend on the delivery option you select and the destination of your package. Delivery charges will be calculated at checkout and added to your total order cost.

    Shipping Restrictions: Our company currently only ships within the United States. We are unable to ship to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

    Delivery Times: Delivery times may vary depending on the destination and delivery option selected. Please note that our company is not responsible for any delays caused by UPS. Delivery Confirmation: Upon delivery, UPS will provide a delivery confirmation that includes the date, time, and location of delivery. 

    If you have any additional questions please contact us at Info@dtftransfersnow.com or 305-542-5752

    1. What are DTF transfer inks?

    DTF transfer inks, also known as Direct to Film transfer inks, are specialized inks used in the textile printing industry. These inks are designed to be printed onto a film, which acts as a carrier for the design, and later transferred to fabric through a heat press process.


    2. How does the DTF transfer process work?

    In the DTF transfer process, the design is first printed onto a release liner or film using DTF inks. Once the design is printed, a layer of hot melt adhesive is applied on top of the ink. The film with the design and adhesive is then placed onto the fabric, and heat and pressure are applied using a heat press. The heat causes the ink and adhesive to bond with the fabric, creating a vibrant and durable print.


    3. What are the benefits of using DTF transfer inks?

    DTF transfer inks offer several advantages, including vibrant color reproduction, excellent wash fastness, and the ability to print on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends. Additionally, DTF transfer printing allows for intricate and detailed designs without the limitations of traditional screen printing.


    4. What are cold peel film rolls used for in DTF transfer printing?

    Cold peel film rolls are essential components of the DTF transfer process. After the heat press is applied and the ink and adhesive have bonded to the fabric, the transfer film is allowed to cool down. Once it has cooled, the film is peeled away from the fabric, leaving the transferred design behind.


    5. What are the advantages of using cold peel film rolls?

    Cold peel film rolls offer several benefits, including ease of use and convenience. Unlike hot peel films, which require immediate peeling after the heat press, cold peel films can be peeled off after cooling down. This gives the operator more time to handle multiple transfers without rushing the process. Cold peel films also reduce the risk of accidental burns during the peeling process.


    6. Can DTF transfer inks and cold peel film rolls be used with any heat press machine?

    Yes, DTF transfer inks and cold peel film rolls are compatible with most standard heat press machines. However, it is essential to ensure that the heat press machine is capable of reaching the required temperature and pressure for successful transfer. Always follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for the specific DTF inks and cold peel film rolls you are using to achieve the best results.

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