Are you looking for an easier way to quote your Direct to Film (DTF) printing orders? The DTF Gang Sheet Size Calculator, featured exclusively at DTF Transfers Now, is your ideal companion for planification as it will assist you in estimating how much your DTF gang sheet printing order will be. This innovative tool is crafted to calculate an approximate size for your gang sheet. It meticulously considers the dimensions and quantity of your designs,  taking into account space for post-printing cutting. This clever feature significantly streamlines your quoting workflow, allowing you to have a good representation of how many inches you will need to fulfill a decoration job.

Here's a simple guide on how to make the most out of this calculator:

1. Input your Design Dimensions

Kick off by entering the width and height of each design. This step is crucial to establish the starting size of your gang sheet. 

2. Indicate the Number of Designs.

Tell the calculator how many copies of the design you require. It smartly arranges your designs on the gang sheet for optimal layout and efficiency.

3. Get the Perfect Gang Sheet Size

After crunching your data, the calculator will recommend the ideal gang sheet size. This size thoughtfully includes extra space around each design for hassle-free cutting post-printing.

4. Plan your Printing with Confidence

With this estimated sizing guide, you can move forward with your DTF printing projects with a good idea of how many inches will be needed.

What sets this tool apart is its inclusion of extra cutting space in its calculations, a feature that enhances the practicality and effectiveness of your gang sheets for DTF projects. This calculator is your gateway to a smoother planification for your quotes printing process, available for estimating how many inches your DTF Transfers, Glitter DTF Transfers or UV DTF stickers will need. Please kindly note this is an estimation tool and not made to be 100% accurate. Please feel free to contact us for a more accurate quote and we would be glad to assist you in pricing out your DTF printing order!